Meal Prep Sunday

So much going on in 30 mins as Meal Prep Sunday is in full swing. Check out the links and what I do to help us get ready for the week.

  • Drinks: Mint and Cucumber infused water, Iced Coffee (made a hot pot, let it cool, chilling it)
  • Dessert: our favorite… Ghirardelli Double Choc Brownies  
  • Whole Grains: Rice cooker- 1 cup of quinoa and rice mixed together and 2 cups of water, let rice cooker do its thing
  • Protein: Easy Slow Cooker Beans from 100 days of real food, Crock Pot- 2 cups beans, 1 onion, 6 cups water, spices of your choice, 10 hrs on HIGH
  • Breakfast: Iced Coffee, Chia Pudding- mix together in a bowl and it solidifies in the fridge after 30 mins- 2 tablespoons chia seeds, 1/2 cup almond milk or any milk, splash vanilla, spices of your choice- I use pumpkin pie spice
  • Dinner 1:  Dr Pepper Chipotle Pulled Pork from my blog  This is what I made last month and froze it in portions. This will thaw and be easy with bbq sauce and hawaiian rolls or tortillas and cilantro this week.
  • Dinner 2: Fish thawing caught from Joe. I will make Moroccan Fish with Mango from 100 days of real food and the Rice/Quinoa mixture I made earlier
  • Dip: Veggie Dill Dip from my blog for the week, good alternative for ranch dressing
  • Smoothie Prep: I measure out my spinach and store that in the fridge for smoothies for tomorrow. I’ll add my water to the blender using the measurements on the side of the pitcher. Just blend the spinach and water first. Then add your fruit that you want. I portioned out the bananas and blueberries. I LOVE all of the fun and free smoothie ideas from Simple Green Smoothies. If you haven’t done a 30 day free challenge with them, you really should. Its fun and gets you out of your smoothie routine (or into a morning smoothie routine) 😉
  • Smoothie Storage: After I make the smoothies, I portion them into the Sili Squeeze for my 2 yr old (think reusable squeeze bottles for applesauce, smoothies, yogurts), any leftovers get put into the popsicle mold for a fun afternoon treat!
  • Apple Slices: cut and add lemon juice, portion out almond butters
  • Wash and Chop fruit. I love my Honest Company fruit wash and scrubber to get the wax off of the apples before I chop them. I added those 2 products to my 5 products list I can pick from each month or every 8 weeks. Its been so helpful! Here’s my link with the Honest Company referral code. 

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