Shape Station Activities and Mini Bible Study Lesson

Today, I pulled out anything shape related from our playroom and made a few stations. You probably have some of these but making it more intentional play with really help focus the attention of your little one. Some of these toys might be new to you, but you should pick them up or order them on amazon, because they are so fun and not your typical toys. My sister in law with 2 older girls helped me find with our new favorite toys and my elementary PE teacher comes out when I get so excited about stations and learning!

Kk playing with the same toys- just a little bit differently.

Shape Stations:

  1. Hexacus Builders- copy, build, create
  2. Shape Sorting Systems-sorting
  3. Building and Deconstructing Chains- fine motor
  4. Pop and Snap Chains- fine motor
  5. Shape Tracing and Bath Tub play- tracing and drawing with bath tub washable crayons

Easy 5 min bible lesson:

  • Just how these piece fit together and have a purpose and specific place it goes, we are also meant to fit together, each piece is very important. We are members and part of the body of Christ.


Hexacus Builders:

This awesome toy can be bought from Amazon for about $20. Its from Popular Playthings. They give you an idea booklet to copy and build or you can build your own ideas. It is perfect for little ones who enjoy building but gives extra challenges.

Shape Sorting Systems:

I think we were given these at each baby shower. We took it from a baby activity by combining the shapes all together. Ideas:

  • sort shapes to correct system
  • sort shapes into the correct shape hole
  • sort shapes into squares, circles, triangles.. even if they didn’t look the same
  • sort shapes into colors disregarding the actual shapes

Building and Deconstructing Chains: (fine motor)

We used those baby chains (also a baby shower gift) that you can get from anywhere. I think ours were from Target or Amazon called Bright Starts Lots of Link Accessories for $5.

How to teach deconstructing chains:

  • If you hold the chain by the first link and let the rest of the chain fall below
  • Grab the 2nd chain link in the non dominate hand to hold it still
  • Use the dominate hand to move the top chain link to the opening
  • Pull down or out away from the stationary link


Snap and Pop Chains: (fine motor)

We love these little guys. They are $10 from Amazon or Target called Sassy Shake and Rattle Beads Toy. Fun for working those fine motor as well as push and pull/pop apart. (notice B sticking his tongue out as he focuses!)

  • Easy and fun, just snap together- but it takes practice
  • non dominate hand hold 1 stationary piece while dominate hand pops it into place

Tracing Shapes in the Bathtub with washable bathtub crayons:

We use our bathtub twice a day. Once for a real bath 🙂 and once for play. These $8 Crayola washable bath crayons in regular or color swirl are just awesome! Its the perfect place to play with fun, messy dough (see this page for ideas!) and wash the mess (and the kid) off. The bath tub creates the perfect kid level white board for coloring or teaching. I gave B an ice pop while he played- genius idea bc no sticky mess.


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