The Village Church FREE Parenting Class and Study Guide

The Village Church offered a free parenting class taught by Jeff and Jen Wilkin in 2011. I just started this podcast one night while doing the dishes after the kids were in bed. It was so good, I had to stop, print the study guide, left the dishes, and wrote down everything! It is perfect for where we are now with a 2.5 yr old and 9mo old. They give real examples, help with ways to speak to your kids and set expectations. I have really been loving the “flow chart” for the pattern for training obedience and started it immediately. It has helped Joe and I have similar language and sets up expectations.

My favorite notes so far:

  • thinking about family as the “ultimate small group”
  • begin with the end in mind- not parent for the short term or make it the next 5 mins
  • we want our children to obey us the way we obey God: joyful obedience out of gratitude vs grudgingly obedience out of fear
  • being prepared to offer grace for failure and not take personal offense if not obey
  • difference between law and grace with parenting
  • I am not responsible for managing other people’s expectations of me as I parent my child. I am personally accountable to the Lord for how I parent
  • God wants me to be a great parent more than I want to be a great parent

Print the FREE workbook Study Guide :: Here

Listen to the classes ::  Here

Parenting Class Sections:

  • The Big Picture
  • Shared Expectations- obedience
  • Shared Expectations- Responsibility
  • Shared Language
  • Shared Affections, Shared Time
  • Shared Faith
  • Age Appropriate Chores and Suggested Resources

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