Watercolor Painting Lessons- Date Night In Idea

I love Netflix… I mean love love the Blacklist and the automatic start the next episode countdown, but I just can’t do that every.single.night. Cue: your new totally random, date night idea.

Set up the painting area at opposite ends of the table with the laptop youtube video in the middle where you can both see the laptop, but not each other’s artwork. The surprise at the end will be fun and hilarious. Just follow the youtube videos step by step! I only had computer paper and my 2 year old’s water color set from the grocery store so we they all talk about some fancy brick color… I just went with primary red. 😉 ha!


  • Watercolor paper (or computer paper was ok, but I’d rather use water color paper next time)
  • Watercolor paint (I had Crayola- old school- 2 year old set, but I’m sure Hobby Lobby has some legit watercolors, probably next to the water color paper and not my computer paper I stole from the printer)
  • Brushes
  • Laptop

Step by Step Beginner Watercolor Youtube Video Links:



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