Angry Birds with Christmas Boxes

This was the most requested game when I taught elementary PE! Real Life Angry Birds! Just save your delivery/diaper/gift boxes from Christmas. Grab some stuffed animals and ball bin and build away! 

Little ones: help them create a fort for the stuffed animals and help them aim at the targets. 

  • Goal: knock over the stuffed animals

Older kids: have them create their own forts that will protect the stuffed animals from knocking over. 

  • Goal: when attacked with balls, want the most stuffed animals standing.
  • Take it up a level: time them! How many animals can you knock over in 1 min? 2 mins? How far can you stand? Knock one over, take another step back and try from there.

How to teach Side to Target Throwing:

  • “There’s” point with opposite finger
  • “My” step toward the target 
  • “Target” throw and release. Should end with finger pointing to target

Point non-throwing side/shoulder to the target (i.e., if left handed thrower, point right shoulder/side towards target) 

Throwing arm way back behind head 

Step with your opposite foot towards target (i.e., if throwing with left hand, step towards target with your right foot) 

Follow through by letting your throwing arm come across the opposite side of your body 

To get the feel of the full throwing motion throw at something that is far away or throw hard 

Have fun with those boxes! 


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