Dino Dig Day!

My friend Nicole and I teamed up to create a Dino Day for the kids. What started as simply frozen dinos became an entire themed hour of fun! No crazy lesson planning here. You really only need: water, dinos, salt, and flour. That’s it! You can do this too, it’s already in your pantry. Let’s bring these dinos back from extinction and make some fun memories with our kids!

There’s what we did and the simple materials you will need:

  • Frozen Dino Dig: play dinos, bowl, food coloring, hammer, chisel, spray bottle of warm water. (Make the day before…details here and below)
  • Fossil Salt Dough: 1 cup salt, 1 cup all purpose flour, 1/2cup (or less) of water… (details here and below)
  • Any Dino books 
  • Dino Walk: stamp pad, play dinos, paper

Frozen Dino Dig

This idea is from Crumb Bums. Nicole suggests making the Dino ice the day before in layers so the dinos do not all sink to the bottom. 


  The spray bottle of warm water really helped these little paleontologists. This could also be an awesome summer activity outside with swimsuits inside a baby pool. Another idea is inside the master bathtub. 


Fossil Salt Dough

We let them just play with the salt dough for awhile before making our fossil imprints. Then we pressed the dino feet and laid them on their side for the profile impressions. Use a straw and cut a hole on the top to make a keepsake ornament. Place them on tin foil and bake at 200 for 1 hour. Finish with ribbon and paint if you’d like. Salt dough recipe is from Crafty Morning. 


Dino Books

These were just some of the books we each had on the Dinosaur subject. The How Do Dinosaurs Say I’m Mad is so great at giving kids ideas of what not to do when upset and how to calm down when angry. It’s such a great book! Nicole said they check out these books in the series by Jane Tolen and Mark Teague at the library. This Dino book was a resourceful and fun way to teach kids how to deal with their real emotions.

Dino Walk

All you need is a stamp pad, dinos, and paper. Make print across the page. Use a pencil and draw a line. Then, try to have them make footprints along the line. Sort the dinos by: 2 feet, 4 feet, by color, texture, flying, swimming, roaming. 

What sounds do you think the dinos might make? 

What do you think they might eat?

What do they feel like smooth, spiney, rough?

What makes this Dino different? What features does it have?

Open up a Dino book and give them 2-3 play Dinos- try to match the one on the page. 

ROOOAAARRRRR!!! Thanks for the fun Dino Day Nicole and E! 


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