Rainbow Carrot/Lemon/Lentil Soup and Pomegranate Honeycrisp Chicken Salad

From start to soup sippin’ in 25mins! I always have the ingredients to make this soup on hand. It’s so perfect for lunch on chilly days and great for easy lunches throughout the week. Don’t be afraid of lentils- these protein packed little beauties absorb all the flavor packed in this soup can be found in the dry beans and rice section of your grocery store.

 I always have these 3 ingredients on hand for soups. The shredded carrots are easy for the babies to snack on and the perfect soup hack to save you some chopping time.
This soup recipe found in the Soup section of the blog… Follow link here for Rainbow Carrot/Lemon/Lentil Soup.

For the Salad:

Ahhhh pomegranates! My all time favorite salad topper. Takes lame leaves to killer kale salads in seconds. Watch this video on how to remove pomegranate seeds without water

 So I know there are healthy applesauce dressings recipes out there….but….I just put a spoonful of unsweet applesauce in the salad bowl with kale until it was completely coated. Then topped with Honeycrisp apples, more carrot shreds, shredded crock pot whole chicken, and those beautiful pomegranate seeds! 

The combo of the savory soup and sweet salad was sheer perfection! 


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