Compassion International Christmas

$20/ mo to rescue mommas and babies while meeting critical needs or $38/mo to sponsor a child for education… your choice… you can change lives this Christmas!

Compassion International holds a dear place in our hearts. I have had the privilege of visiting the Philippians on two different occasions. It is the only other country  that I have ever seen myself living. My mom and I went with an incredible family and team on a medical mission trip. I went back again a different year with my best friend Joan when we were juniors at Texas A&M. It was in Manila that I had my interview to become the physical education teacher for a missionary school and started my paperwork to move toward becoming a missionary. I had just started dating Joe and we had not had our “DTR aka Define The Relationship” talk when I told him about my interview in Manila. I continued with my paperwork and was given the opportunity to let the school principal and the missionary organization know of my decision to take the position on July 1st. Well, Joe proposed on June 23rd- a week before my decision was due. So, we decided to postpone the missionary idea and I moved forward with teaching physical education in Texas. My heart still loves the filipino people and always find myself gravitating toward them in social situations and wanting to know more about their lives. We sponsor an incredible, smart, kind, boy in the Philippines.

Let me introduce you to Compassion International :: This incredible organization sets up schools and programing around the world. Providing education, food, resources, support, health care, nutritional supplements, Christ centered spiritual guidance from a local church, recreational activities, and the Gospel Message that overcomes fear and helplessness.

Consider sponsoring a child for $38/mo and changing a child’s life in a real and meaningful way this Christmas.

Rescue Moms and Babies for $20/mo and change 2 lives! You provide pre and postnatal checkups, health care, immunizations, emotional support, mentoring, basic nutrition, baby and toddler supplies, and care from local churches.

I wanted to share Compassion with you as a gift idea, not to brag about what we do, but show you an area you can be the change we wish to see in the world.  This Christmas season, choose a beautiful momma and baby or child with your family and write them letters this year.

Watch this video of a child finding out she has a sponsor!



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