MIA Talk with Links!

Notes and Links from Emily’s MIA and MOPS talk.

{ 7,000 days }

Favorites Links:

1- TheImaginationTree.com story bins, math, literacy, and holiday play!

2- GrowingAJeweledRose.com themed baths, play doughs, science, and glow in the dark activities!

3- CanDoKiddo.com pediatric occupational therapist, fun ideas sensory for baby play, 0-4mo, 4-6mo, 6-9mo, tummy time play!

4- TheSpunkyRunner.com well, welcome!

5- She Reads Truth App incredible app for reading God’s Word on your phone for wherever and whenever you can, sweet busy mama!

6- Jen Hatmaker’s book “For the Love”

7- Jen Wilkin’s FREE Parenting Class Workbook and Listen to the Parenting Class Podcasts and Jen Wilkin’s personal blog “The Beginning of Wisdom”

Begin with the End in Mind : Intentional Play


The Grocery Store Hour:

  • Pipe Cleaners on handle

After Naps but before Dinner Hour:


The Cooking Dinner Hour:

  • Spaghetti Night– uncooked spaghetti, strainer, pipe cleaners, round noodles
  • Funfetti Playdough– 1 can of FunFetti Frosting, 1 bag of powdered sugar, keep it special- only for cooking dinner hour play

After Dinner not yet Bedtime Hour:

  • Play in tub with no water, get messy, have fun, then wash it down the drain!
  • Bath Play– themed bath
  • Bath Paint
  • Goop– cornstarch and water


Favorite Play Ideas by Age Group

Baby Play

  • Take 5! Grab 5 things for Tummy Time to introduce textures, colors, temperature, spices to your baby for the first time! How fun that you, get to be the one introduce brain connections! Look around the room, every thing is new to them! Soft, fluffy, rough, cool, warm, shiny, smooth, leather, bumpy. Grab 5 things for tummy time and move it around in their hands, feet, down arms. See CanDoKiddo.com for awesome ideas! The list below is on the Spunky Runner Blog
  • Bath paint– baby powder, baby shampoo, food coloring
  • Cool whip, by itself is fun, for older baby who can eat foods
    • Or in Ziploc or as puffy paint
  • Bath paint– baby shower gifts to good use, baby powder, baby shampoo, food coloring
  • Water bottle discovery bottles– Bring colors, holiday theme
  • Themed baths are a hit at our house! Birthday, holidays!
  • Squish bags


Preschool Play

  • Dino or Frozen Elsa Play– 4 ingredients- lots of fun! (on the Spunky Runner Blog)
    • Salt, flour for salt dough for fossil impressions or cut into snowflakes
    • Water and dino/elsa items frozen in a bowl
  • Fine motor

Your TurnBrain Storm Session!

  • What toys/characters do you kid’s love?
  • Is there a favorite episode of a show you can bring to life?
  • Favorite book, do you have any animals that represent characters? What do they do book? Can you try it?
  • Add 5 senses: What would it look like, sound like, feel like, smell like, taste like?

Team Up!

  • Find a friend and brainstorm 2 ideas to try together with your kids. Look for Dino Day on The Spunky Runner Blog for an idea.

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