10 things you didn’t know about the Spunky Runner

1- I love breakfast for dinner but just recently started liking bacon and maple syrup.
2- I have 2 babies 21 months apart. My son was emergency c section and my daughter was born 10mins from arriving to the ER.
3- I am a blogger at @thespunkyrunner and hope to inspire mamas to intentionally play with their little ones.
4- I love pizza, like need to have once a week. Some people love wine, I just really love pizza. Mellow mushroom or authentic wood fired pizza sounds amazing right about now.
5- I love long sleeve tshirts but despise being cold. My fingers lose blood flow if it’s cold, dumb.
6- I love watching the blacklist and spy/guy movies with my handsome husband.
7- I wish I could sing, but I quit choir as an alto bc they gave me 1 note to sing on “Somewhere over the rainbow”
8- I tried out for the Olympic development team for soccer and play competitively for 10 years with the most amazing teammates ever but declined all athletic scholarships so I could focus on school and learn who God wanted me to be during college.
9- I have loved doing tone it up since 2010 but recently bought the nutrition plan this December 2015 and have no idea why I wanted so long! I also have every single thing from the shop in my cart bc I need all llll the TIU things!!! I just love Karena and Katrina and have so much respect for them.
10- I believe Jesus died to save me and you. You don’t have to clean yourself up first or wait to become a believer until after you have fun… He will take you just as you are right now. Nothing you have done is too horrible for Him. He came to give hope and eternal life to all who believe that He died for you, He rose from the dead and give us hope, and He loves you.
Bonus 11- we jam to “guardians of the Galaxy” Pandora station to clean up, make dinner, and before bed.


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