Grab 3: Cars Themed Stations


When my kids play in the playroom they usually play with the same toys in the same way. My goal is to grab 3 toys they haven’t used in awhile, teach them how to play with them so they learn and play on their own later.

So, we went on a Disney Cars scavenger hunt throughout the house to find anything and everything Cars themed. We found books that only B knew were under his bed and set up the cars table that is usually demolished. 

Whatever your kids love, make a pile of that and make it into fun stations. I promise we do not use a timer and yell “rotate!” I know y’all have an unbelievable amount of Frozen stuff! 

Our stations usually include:

  1. Books: so we make time to read that is not just at bedtime- when I’m already sooo done by then.
  2. Toys they haven’t played with
  3. Ball- to teach throwing or rolling

Today’s Cars Theme stations:

  1. Cars Books
  2. Cars table- y’all, this is usually in 1 million pieces so setting it up was half the battle. Once its set up, we can play! 
  3. Car Wash- tub and washcloths- no water today we just pretended bc it’s super cold out. We’ve done water and bubbles outside or you can always bring that fun messy play in the bathtub anytime of day!
  • FYI: The road on the floor was a table runner from Walmart for like $3.

Look around the house, what does your kids love? Make it fun, you are an awesome mama! Go play! 


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