Chocolate Nutella Play Dough or Cloud Dough- no cook!

This is part of the Play for the Year series. Join the challenge of trying 1 fun play idea per WEEK, not per day, per WEEK. View the calendar here and sign up with your email on the right of this page to get play idea emailed to you each week! Let’s have fun together this year! If you try anything, use #thespunkyrunnerblog so we can see!
2 ingredients and oh so sweet and fun! 2 different ways to play!

  • 1 jar of nutella or off brand
  • Corn starch

For play dough:

  • Start with Nutella- Scoop out entire jar of Nutella
  • Slowly add corn starch to Nutella in a bowl until it is not sticky but become shiny with your hands

For Cloud dough:

  • Start with corn starch and then add Nutella to it so its fluffy but will not be a dough.

Both are fun and different textures. If play with the cloud dough in the bathtub or outside and the Nutella playdough at any table. Make sure dogs don’t eat it 😉 or babies sneak too much of it! 😉

Nutella playdough: (jar of Nutella first the slowly added corn starch so it’s not sticky)

Umm I think he sneaked a taste! 😉

Nutella cloud dough (fluffy, not sticky, start with box of corn starch first then slowly add Nutella)

Follow along with us and try one play idea per WEEK. View the calendar and link for Play for the Year on the top of this website!!

Have fun!! If you try this… Use #thespunkyrunnerblog on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram @thespunkyrunner


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