My Weekly Workout Plan

Let me just start by saying, I am not a Beachbody coach who sells you fitness dvds and shakes. I am a pre and postnatal stroller fitness instructor with Fit4Mom and teach Stroller Strides– the cardio/strength class. This has been a huge lifesaver for me as a new mom looking for friends and has given our family some incredible friendships. I get to teach around twice a week and just love it! On Sundays, I check the Tone It Up Weekly Schedule for FREE workouts and plan my workouts around my Stroller Strides schedule. This is what it usually looks like. I try to get up at 6am and workout before my babies are awake (fingers crossed!) Follow the links to all of the free workouts

Mondays- Tone It Up HIIT (High intensity interval training) + 30 mins of cardio

Tuesdays- Tone It Up Tuesdays (new workout videos are usually posted) + teach Stroller Strides + Total Body workout using Kettlebells

Wednesday- Tone It Up Abs and Tone it Up Booty focused + teach Stroller Strides

Thursdays- Tone It Ups Arms and then Legs focused + 20 mins of cardio

Fridays- walk to get donuts!!! Tone It Up Friday Flow – a TIU Yoga routine and foam roller routine

Saturdays- active rest- find a fitness class to take with a friend, walk with the family to the park

Sundays- run/walk a 5K + grocery shop and meal prep for the week ahead + write out my Tone It Up weekly schedule

Tone It Up is just want I do for fitness for myself. I’ve been working out with these girls since 2012 and I did buy the Nutrition Plan they created for Christmas gift in 2015. So, I’ve gone 3 years using the free workouts. I bought 2 of their dvds Beach Babe 2 and Beach Babe 3. I love them because they are in their 30s and I’m not trying to look like I’m 20, so its awesome for me to know I have fitness role models that my age. Attainable. Fun. These best friends are hilarious, challenging, and so fun!

I’d say, if you are new to working out, try to follow their free weekly schedule. You do not need to own the dvds or nutrition plan for this to work for you. So, yeah for that! If you did want to buy a dvd, I really like the Beach Babe 3 Instant Download version so I can take it with me anywhere. I also love the cheaper instant download called “Exclusive Workouts”

Then, make a new public account on instagram that uses “tiu” in the name- it stands for “tone it up.” Once you complete a workout, since we are all doing the same on the same day- you have new friends waiting for you! Complete a workout, take a picture- of you, your workout gear, your computer with the workout on the screen, or anything that proves you did it. Then post it to your tiu-only instagram account. You don’t have to advertise to any of your “regular” friends or family that you have this site. Just use it for you, workout, post, and my biggest advice and how you get excited about working out is… use hashtags! After you workout, post the photo and use #tiuteam (tone it up team) so you can see everyone who worked out today too! Some of my favorites are…

#tiumom (aka other tone it up mamas!- My best inspiration, if these mamas found time to work out, so can I!) 150,000 posts of other mamas working out!

#tiutexas (tone it up… your state and TIU and then enter your city name) find girls that workout all over the nation is fun, but finding girls that work out near you is even more awesome!

Tag our trainers, @toneitup and @karenakatrina when they like or comment on your page, its soooo motivating!

So, thats what I do! Love my trainers- Karena and Katrina and their Tone It Up! Below are some of the photos from my  Tone it Up only fitness account.




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