Valentine Fine Motor: Heart Threading & Heart Window 

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2 super easy ways to practice fine motor skills with hearts!

Heart Threading 
What you will need:

  • Foam hearts- use scissors to cut s little slit in the middle
  • Ribbon or pipe cleaners
  • Use 1 heart to tie at the bottom of the ribbon or pipe cleaner as a stopper


  • Level 2- Practicing the pincher grasp and dual hand dexterity – use ribbon- using thumbs and pointer fingers of dominate hands to hold the ribbon. Non dominate hand pick up a foam heart and hold as you thread the ribbon through the slit in the heart.
  • Level 1- use a pipe cleaner
  • Level 3- make a pattern- alternate red&pink or 2 red&2pink or big heart and little heart.
  • Level 4- place the desired pattern on the table and have them find the hearts and then thread them in the matching pattern


Heart Window- 2 versions

What you will need:

  • Contact paper cut into hearts
  • Tissue paper squares or streamers cut into stripes
  • Tape

What to do:

  • Peel off back of contact paper so the sticky side is toward the kids
  • Tape the heart to the window or on the table for them to decorate
  • When finished, flip the heart so the sticky side is on the window and the smooth side is facing the kids

Have fun with this Valentine Themed fine motor play!


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