Valentine Theme Bath

Part of the “Play for the Year” series were we challenge you to try 1 new play activity per WEEK! The Valentine bath was super fun!!

What you will need:

  • Dollar store Valentine window clings and foam hearts to decorate the tub
  • Goop- corn starch and water
  • Frosting creations pink lemonade flavor
  • Buckets for red/pink scavenger hunt before bath

Goop- corn starch, half of frosting creations pink lemonade packet, and water! We used more water this time to make it more runny to change it up!

Red/Pink Scavenger Hunt! Before bath time, give the kids a couple of buckets and tell them to find all of the red and pink toys they have around the house. Then sort them into toys that float vs can not float or even easier, mama gets to decide which toys go in the tub and which to leave in the bucket waiting for them for after bath time.

We made the goop, kept the kids in their diaper and played in the tub for awhile. Then wash the goop off the tub and off the babies and filled up the tub for a Valentine’s themed bath!

We went to the dollar store and found window clings. The kids decorated the mirror and tub with the little hearts and foam hearts stick to the insides of the tub.

 Extra window clings to decorate the actual Windows 😉
Have fun!!! Make memories and make it fun!

Follow us on instagram @thespunkyrunner and use #thespunkyrunnerblog if you try any activities so we can see too!



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