Scripture Memory

{Jesus} Writing God’s Word on their hearts with silly songs you make up! This is from the letter “B” -“Be kind to one another.” Ephesians 4:32 So helpful in teaching to be kind to others and siblings because I can point it back to God that God wants them to be kind not just mama and daddy’s rule. The cards we use and have on our playroom wall are from a little etsy shop- link on the #thespunkyrunnerblog

Video of Be Kind verse on @TheSpunkyRunner Instagram

We were looking for ways to incorporate Scripture daily with Brannon. These 4X6 ABC prints are perfect for our playroom wall. Easy enough for both scripture memory for a 2 year old and letter recognition.

Other ideas using this:

  • Framed ABC wall in playroom
  • 1 letter/verse card on bathroom mirrors or fridge
  • 1 letter/verse card framed on the dining room table to talk about at dinner

It is printed 4×6 cards on card stock shipped to you. I bought black frames 2 pack for $1.50 at Walmart. Let me know if you try this too!


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