Albums on Repeat

{Jesus} I love listening to worship music throughout the day. If I’m in a cranky mama mood, I’ll turn it on and once again let God’s Word sing over me (Psalms) and reset my mind and heart. Just hearing His Name gives me purpose and I know He sees us! Nothing sweeter than having the babies try to sing along or ask about Jesus when they hear His name in a song.

I love @shaneandshane Psalms because it’s straight Scripture and helps me memorize those sections of Psalms. Find the album from Shane and Shane “Psalms II” on iTunes here.

@donna_stuart is an incredible mama who has written 3 honest, richly poetic worship songs. Find Donna Stuart’s album “Still” on iTunes here.

@christomlin album is a mixture of a fun dance party and calming worship music. Perfect for 5pm clean up or resting. Find  Christ Tomlin’s “Love Ran Red” on iTunes here.


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