Sarah :: Jesus Sweat Play

Let me introduce you to one of my best friends, Sarah! Sarah and I played soccer against each other when we were little and then played together on same competitive soccer and varsity soccer teams. We make up 2 of the “Fab 5” (the sweet name we gave ourselves in high school, yes we are that awesome!) of 5 friends that have remained close from our hometown. Sarah and I have one of those incredible friendships where time or distance never seems to be a factor, we always pick up right where we left off. She loves the Lord and her guys so well. This is how Sarah spends time with Jesus, sweats and takes care of her body, and intentional plays with her son. Hope you feel encouraged, make a new friend, and pop on over to her blog, sarahjwrites!Sarah
{JESUS} I love studying the Bible exegetically, which is just a fancy way of saying verse by verse. I usually find sermon series’ on whole sections of books of the Bible or whole books from Austin Stone, Jen Wilkin or The Village. Right now, my church is going through Hebrews and I’m coupling that with Jen Wilkin’s Hebrews study. Music (link to my current praise and worship playlist on Spotify) is also super important to me; I like theologically sound lyrics that really make me think when I’m singing “Do I really believe and know this?” Having truth to just sing out whenever something comes at me, big or small, is HUGE in my general outlook on life. I’m a Type A problem solver and like to be in charge; I have to remember I’m not in control and have to remember who ultimately is. Making time with Jesus happen practically is easy for me right now (and so why don’t I always do it?) because my son is in preschool 4 days a week for 5 hours. I do have 3 part time jobs, so those hours are precious, but I do always aim to make this time alone with God priority. Other mommas know how easy it is to cram alone-time with so much other things. In the next couple of months, my son will be home during the days, so we’ll have to re-navigate some things!


{SWEAT} Last September, I got serious about my health, and more specifically my eating and exercise habits by committing and signing up for a session of Body Back. I was bummed I didn’t lose a lot of weight, but I did lose 9 inches and found an easy rule for eating: does it come from the ground or have a mom? Then you can eat it! Do I stick to this 100% of the time? No. Once Body Back was over, I turned to Tone It Up (recommended to me by Emily!) and follow their workouts pretty closely. I bought a copy of Beach Babe 3 and the most recent exclusive workouts and aim to get those in daily (again, making it a priority while my son is at school or when he is sleeping!) I’m happy to report that as of this month, I’ve officially lost 15 lbs and I’m excited to continue on this journey! It really has been worth it to make this a priority because having energy to play with my son is huge for me. I want activities to be his default, not screens, so I’ve got to be the example in that.


{PLAY} My son is your typical boy- he is 4 and loves legos, being outside (and currently playing with the water), sports, cars, trains, planes, and on and on. We are constantly constructing new train track layouts or building our lego things. He will play with these a lot and I love seeing his imagination come alive. We spend a lot of time after school right now watching trains and planes at our local airport or downtown by the train tracks. Sometimes playing with him isn’t very fun for me; I mean I only want to wrestle for so long before I’m done with that, and playing in the water always involves a complete soaking. But I’ve really taken this “advice” to heart: save your “no’s.” It might be inconvenient or even annoying and not fun, but it’s important for my son. And as an only child, sometimes he just needs a playmate. We are going to be homeschooling starting this summer (we move twice every other year) so I hope to build in more structure to our days come May! I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it so you can find me at, on insta at SarahJwrites and twitter as sarahj_writes. Pop on over and say “hi!” Internet friends are awesome!

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