Green Mac and Cheese (from the box!) Toddler Lunch

{eat} Let’s be real, no shame in the box mac and cheese lunch! It’s easy and kids love it. Sometimes we get Annie’s and sometimes we get Kraft. Sometimes we serve it straight and just want to go to nap time and sometimes I’ll add broccoli. 


  • Box of Mac and cheese
  • Head of broccoli


  • Cook Mac and cheese according to directions
  • Grab Pyrex and broccoli. Add a little water and steam in microwave for 5mins
  • Strain broccoli and pulse in Food processor 
  • Combine Mac and cheese and broccoli. 
  • Eyeball it: Add a little more milk, salt and pepper, and maybe more sprinkle cheese if you have it.

I’ve served this as a side dish for dinner too. Picture below is just to keep it real. Sometimes my kids love it and sometimes my kids just choose they don’t want it- for no reason- even if they are all of it and asked for me last week. 🙄 😉 



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