Slowing Down

We are soaking up the little years over here. Taking time to wake up slow and sit down for breakfast. A little 3-5min morning devo lesson and mama has time to drink coffee. They get to see me spend time in the Word. Asking about what I’m reading and telling stories of all God has done for us as a family. B was completely surprised Daniel had to sleep with lions from the zoo and so glad God sent an angel to close their mouths! We listened to Shane and Shane’s Psalm 98 “Sing to the Lord” and hearing B’s sweet voice saying “Jesus is King!” just melts this mama’s heart. Yes, baby He is! 

We are reading In this House we will Giggle by Courtney DeFeo and has helped give me ideas to play and ways to incorporate teaching virtues and verses into our day. Pick up a copy or order in on Amazon 2 day! 😉 Thanks, Courtney for writting it and Nicole for suggesting it! 

Sitting down for breakfast: 

Our favorite lately is Kodiakcakes (protein pancakes). Or a breakfast scramble made with 1 real egg and 4 eggs white from the carton with a mix of anything from spinach to veggies. Strawberry waffles and bacon has been on rotation pretty frequently, too. 

The completely blank schedule has really helped my heart and our family. When I ask B at dinner about what his favorite part of today was, he’s answered,”staying home and… pancakes!” Perfect. Mine too. Bud, mine too! 


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