Jesus Time that doesn’t look like a “Quiet Time”

I have this idea that I have to have my “quiet time” early in the morning before the littles get up, with piping hot coffee, as the sun is rising outside my window in order to study God’s Word. Even if one of these 3 factors don’t come together I feel like I might as well not even have a “quiet time.” Well, that’s completely missing the point. 

Sometimes spending time with Jesus looks like snuggling on the couch with Little Einsteins show on. 

Mama needs Jesus. Bottom line. It’s ok for my kids to see me studying God’s Word! 

However you find time to get in the Word, whatever season you are in, even 5 mins has always helped me. I loved @shereadstruth app for middle of night when rocking a baby or have some extra time in the car if the littles fell asleep and I don’t want to get them up yet and just enjoy the quiet. His Word is alive and active! 

I’ve been reading Psalms and going back to James in my bible. On the She Reads Truth app I’m doing the Proverbs and the Risen Christ studies. Many are free studies! 

I hope to encourage you that your quiet time doesn’t have to look perfect or Instagram worthy! 

What are y’all reading? 

Keeping it real…. This is kk girl sad bc she wanted to hold my hand too like the top pic with b and I. She didn’t want b to hold my hand also, so this was her protest. 😉 cheers to Jesus Time whatever that looks like for you! 


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