Ocean Swirl Slime 3 Ingredients! 

3 easy ingredients! So easy and so fun! We found a liquid starch at the grocery store laundry aisle. Clear gel glue is on sale for school supplies and we ordered this liquid water colors from Amazon prime for $9 for 6 colors. I would totally recommend getting some. You can use food coloring but it might not be stain resistant like liquid water colors are. I found many sensory play recipes that call for it so for $9 bucks it’s worth it. 

Y’all, this slime is so fun! I finally found a recipe that is slimy, rubbery, stretchy, and not too watery or sticky. 

You will need: 

  • 5 oz bottle of clear gel glue
  • 1/2 cup liquid starch
  • Coloring and glitter of your choice

I followed Toddler Approved Ocean Slime recipe, details, her tips and tricks to make the perfect slime. I learned that adding more liquid starch helps it move from sticky to rubbery and that you might not use all the starch. 

It is not “taste safe” for little ones, but you can google some psyllium recipes that are. 


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