Parting of the Red Sea Squish Bag

God Made A Way! :: the parting of the Red Sea as told with:

  • dollar store hair gel,
  •  ziploc bag, 
  • red food coloring, 
  • Lego guy and Snow White,
  • The Jesus Story Book Bible! 

We made a Red Sea squish bag and the kids told the story of how God made a made and cut the Red Sea in half with waves on each side to save His people!
It was so fun to see them act out this incredible story and retell the story with what stuck out to them. 

We are still doing Ocean Week with #homeschoolpreschool We are reading a few ocean/sea/water related stories from the Jesus Story Book Bible. 🌎Creation, 🌊Moses and the Red Sea, 🐳Jonah and the Whale, 🌈Noah’s Ark, 👣Jesus walks on water.


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