Ocean Week Sensory Play and Library Book Lists

Library Books: “The Rainbow Fish” and “Good Night Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister, “Clark the Shark Dares to Share” by Bruce Hale.

We requested as many of the books from these 2 website that our library had for us! It is such a treat to be able to walk in and pick up loads of requested books. Our library had ocean theme DVDs to check out too. 

Ocean Picture Books for Preschoolers

18 Books about Sea Animals

Ocean Week Sensory Play! I found all of my favorite websites, pinterest pins, and saved Facebook sensory ideas and put them together for a simple week of ocean themed play. Click on the hyperlinks to follow all the directions and more details from each of the websites where I got the ideas from. We also hit up our local aquarium and a la cheap Pets Smart to see more fish! We had a blast!

Rainbow Fish Foil Painting: foil, q tips, washable paint, cds, fish template found on hyper link but I would make my own bigger for the little ones or have them paint on a sheet of foil and you cut out a fish from the entire sheet they painted.

Ocean Swirl Slime: 5 oz clear school glue, liquid starch, glitter, liquid water colors (I followed her link to purchase liquid water colors from amazon from her site)

Sticky Seashore and Sticky Under the Ocean scenes: contact paper sticky side out, tape, crate paper to make sea weed, have them sort dollar store items into seashore or under the ocean and put them on the right scene.

Feed the ABC Shark Game: nom nom, sharks love letters and numbers, working on recognition. We made a shark out of a $1 store science fair board and $1 foam stars from the dollar store. The kids had to find the matches and feed the shark! 

Ocean Sensory Tub: dollar store foam stars that you write letters, numbers, and words on, dollar store animal and same items from sticky seashore or sticky under the ocean from above, shaving cream, bath sea animals.

Paper Plate Octopus and Jellyfish: paper plates, water colors, crate paper. We slso had fish stickers that we put on a paper plate. Then, cut the top off the paper plate to make it look like a fish bowl. 

Parting the Red Sea Sensory Squish bags: we read the story for the Jesus Story Book Bible and made a Red Sea squish bag! All you need is a ziploc, dollar store hair gel, red food coloring, and duct tape. 




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