The Coffee Corner

{The Coffee Corner} 🍃☕️🍂 One of my favorite corners in my home. I love picking out my mug for the morning: Magnolia, antique milk glass, chalkboard, or one of picture mugs of my babies. I just love beautiful cloth napkins and dishes with fun prints. Each morning, I choose one of the Fruits of the Spirit to focus on for the day and write it on my hand. I can’t help but sing the song when I see this frame. Once a Pine Cove counselor, always a Pine Cove counselor! 🌲 This might be my 4th time reading #themagnoliajournal and I find something new to love about it each time! #thefruitofthespiritisnotacoconut 🌴🍐🍊🍇

Links to my Coffee Corner Favorites

Magnolia Journal Subscription

Magnolia Mug

Magnolia Market Tiered Tray

Cloth Napkins

Fruit of the Spirit Print

Pioneer Woman Dishes


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