Pumpkin Play 6 Ways

1. Pumpkin Pie Marble Painting: Print this pumpkin printable here, cut it out, tape inside a pie pan, add orange paint, marbles for older kids or large sensory ball for little ones. Shake it it to paint!

2. Pumpkin Tracing (outside): paper, pumpkins, crayons or markers. Trace around the outside of the pumpkin. 

3. Pumpkin Cookie Cutter Color (inside): cookie cutters and crayons, trace inside the cookie cutter and move crayon back and forth inside the cookie cutter to decorate. Geared for littles ones.

4. Pumpkin Stamping: carefully cut a little pumpkin in half. Dip in paint and stamp on paper. Great for little hands working on gripping.

5. Pumpkin Investigation: peek inside the other half of the cut pumpkin. What’s inside? What does it look like, smell like, or feel like? Save the pumpkin guts in a bag for sensory play.

6. Pumpkin and Goard Painting: compare and contrast the 2 goards. What does it look like, feel like, what’s the same, what’s different, which one is taller, which one is wider, which one has stripes? Then paint them!

Bonus: pumpkin books from the library (the book list we used) and our Pumpkin Spice Playdough, play clay, cloud dough, and the easiest Playdough recipe ever


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