Sweet Interruptions

{sweet interruptions} Sometimes if I wake up early to read and drink coffee, I feel like I am owed a certain amount of time alone before my day starts. It’s in those times that I’ve completely missed the point. When I resent the sound and lights of the baby monitors going off. How fitting that today I wrote on my hand 2 of the Fruits of the Spirit to focus on: “peace and patience” but both of these can be felt inside my heart rather than what is going on around me. Feeling peace even when it isn’t my ideal peaceful environment and taking a breath and showing true patience to the little ones. It’s ok for them to sit with me as I finish reading and hold my hand to pray for the day ahead, it’s the sweetest of interruptions. Thankfully the Lord is ever patient with me as I learn this whole mama thing and so quick to grant peace. Praying for you today, friends- for those sweet interruptions.


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