TP Haircuts, Ripping Paper, and Sticky Tree Murals

These are a couple ideas to keep your littles ones occupied while you make breakfast or dinner. 

Also shown in the picture is our gratitude pumpkins

TP Haircuts: save those empty rolls, draw a face, and style crazy haircuts at the table while they wait! 

I noticed B’s elbow shooting out while he was cutting and wanted to correct that early on. I folded a sheet of construction paper he had to keep at his side while he working on his haircuts. 

Paper Ripping: super easy task for littles ones. Rip some paper to get them started. After the paper is ripped, set up a sticky mural to use it up!

Sticky Tree Mural: contact paper cut into a tree shape, add a construction paper trunk, have the little ones stick the ripped paper to make leaves on your tree. 

Tip: tape the tree shape on the window first then, pull down to remove the white paper. Sticky side out toward the little ones.

Happy cooking! 


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