Easter Themed Play

1. Hidden Colors: squeeze food coloring drops into muffin tin, cover with a scoop of baking soda, use a vinegar squeeze bottle to pour into each cup to reveal the hidden colors! Use eye protection.

2. Shaving cream puff paint Eggs: use painters tape and create designs on cardstock cut in the shape of an egg, in a muffin tin: squeeze shaving cream into each cup then use food coloring to dye with different colors. Paint on the egg

3. Read “Egg” by Kevin Henkes suggested by my friend who is an amazing elementary librarian.  Read while the kids are painting. 

4. Egg Number Match: use a paper plate with number and dots. Kids match numbers to corresponding dots. Try to not let the egg colors give it away. 🙂 

5. Story Bins: read and recreate pictures on the pages with supplies or toys. We read a page, and b used an elephant and pig toy to recreate, retell, and play pretend on what happened on each page. Kk had a story. In basket with princess and hiking boots for her story. 

More Story Bin Ideas HERE

6. Easter Bath: Easter Egg Hunt!


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