Diaper Bag Essentials

  • Solly Baby Wrap!!! Easily my favorite purchase by far. So lightweight for Texas and just so snuggly and perfect. 
  • Milk Snob 360 nursing cover
  • Tone It Up mini band- workout anywhere! Seriously, I fine tone at the park! 
  • TIU Water Bottle- mama
  • TIU k&k beauty pomegranate lip balm
  • Nalgene Water bottles- toddlers
  • Coola- sunscreen lip balm- not sticky!
  • Babyganics- stick sunscreen
  • Goodr- mama running polarized non slip sunglasses- these are called flamingos on a booze cruise $25
  • Rivbos- rubber, polarized, flexible toddler sunglasses $9 Amazon 
  • Blue hospital suction bulb- literally saved my daughter’s life when I had to call 911, so it goes everywhere
  • CPR- you SHOULD be Red Cross CPR certified! I keep my pocket mask with me but everyone should know cpr, what to do with a stroke, and choking for every age group- especially babies! Check your fire department for free CPR classes! 
  • True North Collection- workout band or for those crazy bad hair days!
  • Pen & Hair Tie
  • Dum dum candy- toddler bribery
  • Pete the Cat book, rubber duckies- because entertainment other than screens 
  • Snacks! Usually Lara bars, Trader Joe’s trail mix bags, TIU bars (but I ate those before this pic!) 
  • Baby sun hat 

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