Grace Not Perfection Book

I have really loved Emily Ley‘s book, “Grace Not Perfection” this summer! It is perfect for the season of life I’m in with 3 littles under 4. 

I don’t want to spend my days wiping countertops for the 15th time and not taking time to notice how sweet this time with all 3 with me under 1 roof. 

One of my favorite practical tips for evening clean up is throwing any rogue items in a laundry basket leaving that room clean. Then quickly sorting the items and put them back where they go. This has really helped us! Emily also suggested doing 1 load of laundry each morning and folding it put it away that day. I dread the massive laundry pile and this really helps with not feeling overwhelmed! 

Lighting a candle in the evening and filling my bedside table with all my favorite books helps me feel calm and surrounded by things I love. It makes me excited to have time to myself and read in the evenings while turning my phone notifications off. 

I bought a new laundry basket that I can take room to room and write a few of my fav quotes from the #gracenotperfection book that I was to remind myself when I’m in the middle of the mess. Giving myself grace and loving this God-given season. Opening my eyes to {SAVOR} this beautiful, messy, good life. #thespunkyrunnerblog 

Her book is broken up into:

Grace with yourself

  • Discovering grace
  • The empty well
  • Planning and simplicity 
  • Margin for what matters
  • Surrendering control

Grace with your people

  • Invest in your person
  • Savor the circus
  • Your community
  • Routines in relationships
  • Gratitude changes everything

Grace in your calling

  • Define the life you want to have
  • Get your hands dirty
  • Mom guilt is a liar
  • Cultivate contentment
  • Love your season

Thank you Emily, for writing a wonderful, encouraging, beautiful,  God given grace, and practical book! 


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