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Below you will find posts relating to my favorite ways to read God’s Word!

How I practice memorizing God’s Word:

How I practice memorizing scripture. Take the first letter of each word and use the punctuation for the sentence. Grab it when you are chopping veggies, while stirring dinner, and washing dishes! Girls, let’s love the Lord with our minds and allowing the Word of Christ to richly dwell within us! (Letter to the Colossians 3:16) #thespunkyrunnerblog How do you memorize God’s Word?


What I’m Reading Lately…
Parenting Class:: Free Parenting Class from The Village Church taught by Jeff and Jen Wilkin. Download the free printout and podcasts here. 

Quick Book:: Mom Enough edited by Tony and Karalee Reinke is the desiring God blog posts printed out and featuring different Christian mom bloggers. Quick read and so helpful!

Bible Study:: Free workbook and podcast bible study by Jen Wilkin. I’m finishing Joshua and love her different approach to truly studying God’s Word. You can find and print out free past studies or if you are local attend 1 Peter Study in the fall.


FREE Parenting Class (from above post)

The Village Church offered a free parenting class taught by Jeff and Jen Wilkin in 2011. I just started this podcast one night while doing the dishes after the kids were in bed. It was so good, I had to stop, print the study guide, left the dishes, and wrote down everything! It is perfect for where we are now with a 2.5 yr old and 9mo old. They give real examples, help with ways to speak to your kids and set expectations. I have really been loving the “flow chart” for the pattern for training obedience and started it immediately. It has helped Joe and I have similar language and sets up expectations.

My favorite notes so far:

  • thinking about family as the “ultimate small group”
  • begin with the end in mind- not parent for the short term or make it the next 5 mins
  • we want our children to obey us the way we obey God: joyful obedience out of gratitude vs grudgingly obedience out of fear
  • being prepared to offer grace for failure and not take personal offense if not obey
  • difference between law and grace with parenting
  • I am not responsible for managing other people’s expectations of me as I parent my child. I am personally accountable to the Lord for how I parent
  • God wants me to be a great parent more than I want to be a great parent

Print the FREE workbook Study Guide :: Here

Listen to the classes ::  Here

Parenting Class Sections:

  • The Big Picture
  • Shared Expectations- obedience
  • Shared Expectations- Responsibility
  • Shared Language
  • Shared Affections, Shared Time
  • Shared Faith
  • Age Appropriate Chores and Suggested Resources


In my mind She Reads Truth, Noonday Collection, and Magnolia Market are all dear friends.

I found She Reads Truth app when I was feeding KK at all hours but needed some time in the Word. It is perfect for mommas up all night to be scrolling through reading plans easily at your fingertips, my high school/college students, and we all know we battle with being on our phone too much. At least, I know I do. Enter :: She Reads Truth App! I am currently doing the Advent Study. Join me!

Oh Noonday, I love all of the pieces! The heart behind the collection, fair wages, and stories of remption! This blanco y negro scarf has been my everyday piece this season!! Alpaca wool, so soft, braids, and goes with everything! Shop with my friend Nicole Horn who is an Ambassador for Noonday Collection!

And Magnolia Market! The dream shop and the faces of Joanna and Chip Gaines! If you watch Fixer Upper on HGTV then you know what I am talking about. They loved Jesus and it shows on national television. They singlehandedly convinced me that I need a farm house! Fun Fact: I use my Magnolia Market cup every day!


This is the She Reads Truth Advent 2015 study. Get yours before they sell out!