:: Play for the Year!


Oh my goodness, Play for the Year!! This is not a curriculum, just play ideas ready for you to try with your families! Very little prep and using things you already have around the house! Just try 1 per week! You don’t have to be a “crafty momma” to pull this off. Let’s go play with our kids and make those memories! I have a few favorite of my “go-to” play website that you will see often: Growing a Jeweled Rose, the Imagination Tree, and some fine motor activities I did as an elementary school PE teacher. Below is a fun start to your new year of play with the ingredients you will need. Then, follow the link to read more in detail. Have so much fun! If you try an activity, use the hashtag #thespunkyrunnerblog so we can see!


Week 1- The Famous Birthday Bath!! Dollar store birthday banner and birthday items- most requested!

Week 2- Snowflake Sensory Ziplock Squish– dollar store snowflake items,  ziplocks, 1 can shaving cream or 1 bottle of dollar store clear hair gel, duct tape, glitter

Week 3- Snow Paint shaving cream, school glue, glitter, peppermint extract

Week 4- Fine Motor: Muffin Tin or Ball pit– play balls or oranges in muffin tin or put all the balls into a baby pool!


Week 1- Valentines Day Bath dollar store valentines items, pink food coloring

Week 2- Potato Heart Card Prints– potato, paper, paint

Week 3- Chocolate Nutella Playdough– 2 ingredients, no cook! nutella, corn starch

Week 4-Valentine Heart Threading– foam hearts from dollar store, ribbon, 2 buttons


Week 1- St Paddys Day Theme Bath

Week 2- Green Eggs and Ham- eat & read! Recipe included.


Week 3- Fine Motor Skills- Rainbow ball! 

Week 4-Fine Motor Skills-Newspaper Scrunch- Scrunch up newspapers into balls using 2 hands, 1 hand, toes

St. Paddy’s Sensory Playdate: rainbow noodles, rainbow treasure slime, fruit loops! Try some of these activities too!



Week 1- Easter Theme Bath

Week 2- Tin Foil River! Roll of tin foil and water hose

Week 3- Peeps Play Dough! 

Week 4-Fine Motor: Spring Cleaning! Fill a spray bottle full of water and then wipe it with a cloth. Also, practice sweeping with 2 hands on handle. Level 2: teach sweeping while holding the dust pan.


Week 1- PlayonWord.com Jesus Calms the Storm lesson: water bottle, food coloring, sand/rocks. Follow script on this incredible resource!

Week 2- Toddlerography! phone for video and music! Copy their moves! See this awesome example of Gwyenth Paltrow

Week 3-Learning Shapes with Toy Cars– cars, masking tape or poster

Week 4- Strofoam Push Pin art. Level 1- Styrofoam balls and push pins to make designs. Level 2-Styrofoam cup and push pins, use the pins to leave little holes and make a design


Week 1- Summer Theme Bath

Week 2-

Week 3-

Week 4-Fine Motor: Swim Noodle and ponytail holders. Practice putting ponytail holders on the swim noodle and moving them down the noodle


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4- Fine Motor: String Beads- shoestrings, not cooked pasta noodles or beads. Make a fun necklace!


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4- Fine Motor Skills- Lego Math- Legos and math printables. Fun video here.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4- Fine Motor Skills- Practice American Sign Language Alphabet Signs (Fingerspelling). Level 2: add their name and words to finger spell


Week 1- Halloween Theme Bath

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4


Week 1- Thanksgiving and Turkey Theme Bath

Week 2

Week 3- Christmas Tree Sensory Tub– Dollar Store holiday items

Week 4-Fine Motor: Give me 5! Basket of gloves. Kids practice putting the gloves on 1 hand at a time


Week 1-Santa and Rudolph Theme Bath

Week 2- Cinnamon & Applesauce Ornaments Applesauce, Cinnamon

Week 3 Save those Mailing Boxes! 25 different things to do with boxes! literally, just boxes and a sharpie

Week 4- Fine Motor: Picking Cotton- cotton balls, paper plate, clothespins. Level 1: pick up cotton balls using a clothes pins. Level 2: Use clothespins to attach cotton balls around the paper plate forming a sun