:: Eat!

Runners need food to fuel their training. What you put in with either accelerate or inhibit your training. Think of your body as a rental car during training. You have to “fill it up” so you can drive and return it to “full” before you turn it back in. This is the same as training; your body needs you to give it quality fuel if you expect quality results.

One of the cook books that  really helped me transform my diet of “I-can-eat-whatever-I-want-because-I-run” to a clean eating diet is Domenica Catelli’s moma-a-licious. I got mine from my sweet aunt, but I know they have it at amazon.com.

In her cook book, she training you in pantry 101; what to kick out and what to bring into your home. She helps you reclaim the pantry, face the fridge, and demystify foods you have never tried.

Let’s clean up our eating and I promise you will you see some amazing results in your body and on the track.

Use the tabs under the “Recipe Index” section to find your fuel.


Grocery Run : Foods to add to your grocery cart


I recently read the Runner’s World article Grocery Run and wanted to share it with you. I loved how the article went aisle by aisle helping to decipher the runner friendly foods from the crap. Check it out for yourself. Here are some bullet points I am adding to my grocery list this weekend.

  • mobile compatible grocery list here
  • Shop color, avoid prepackaged, chopped fruit, ready made smoothies packed with sugar, and iceberg lettuce
  • download these apps: FishPhone, Seafood watch for sustainable fish options
  • Check for organic, grass fed beef
  • look for Barilla whole grain linguine for pasta and Eden Organic spaghetti sauce
  • toss out bagels, toss in whole grain english muffins
  • say no to: yogurt covered nuts/pretzels, salted nuts/seeds, and sweetened dried fruit

Check out the article because it has TONS of resources of what to toss out of your pantry and what to toss into your cart.


2 thoughts on “:: Eat!

  1. Funny… I’m eating at Domenica Catelli’s restaurant tonight for my anniversary! I’ll have to look at her clean cookbook. Found your blog via a google search for Nike Women’s Marathon blogs- my running club had one open spot left and I just decided to “Just Do It”- the half. Good luck on your race!!

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