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Join us for the “Play for the Year” series where we challenege you to try 1 new play activity a WEEK, not per day! Let’s have fun together!

Valentine’s ideas!

What you will find here:

Candy Corn Light Catchers


What you need:

  • Contact paper ($5 walmart in the the shelf liner section)
  • Tissue paper
  • masking tape
  • sharpie


  • Draw any shapes with sharpie that you want on the contact paper clear (non sticky side), cut it out
  • Using masking tape, tape up the clear side (non sticky side) to the window at kid level
  • Peel off the white paper leaving the sticky side showing
  • Cut tissue paper in to square
  • Create away!



Candy Corn Counting Manipulatives


What you will need:

  • Manipulatives Ideas: Candy Corn- candy pumpkins- pumpkin seeds
  • Construction paper


  • Cut shapes out of construction paper (pumpkin, corn kernels, ghosts, anything!)
  • add a number to it
  • use your holiday themed manipulatives to invite play and start learning to count!


Airplane Activity Binder:


Traveling with a little one is never easy but I scoured Pinterest and my own creativity to make this Airplane Activity Binder for Brannon who is 1.5yrs old.

Top Picture is everything I scored from the Dollar Tree $16 worth of pencil bags, binder, and cheap new toys for B.

Stickers: Tons of options, 3D animals

Playdough: sealed in snack sized ziplocs to lay flat and 1 flat cookie cutter. I also added cinnamon to the red play dough to make it smell better.

Dinos: Stretchy dines from the $1 toy section and a dino bath book

Felt Button Snake: All you need is felt, ribbon, button, and some thread. I am NOT gifted in the sewing department but I can sew a button to a piece of ribbon. Cut felt squares and make a slit in the felt to “thread” the button through the felt for each square. Easy. Light. We practiced this earlier and B loved it.



I saw people print and cut out puzzles from the free printables then laminate them. I really didn’t feel up for that and B really only likes his construction puzzle. In a stroke of genius I color photocopied his favorite puzzle, stuck it in a page protector, and packed his puzzle pieces. He could also color on this sheet as well after.


Airplane Basketball: Brannon’s bathtub goal sticks to the window and has a bottom so the ball will not roll out. This could be a serious fail or a serious win. Since it stores flat, I’ll give it a try.

Fine Motor Skills: 1- Pinching a clothespin to capture pom poms. 2- open and close empty glue sticks. He LOVES doing this with my lip balm so hoping this will be a win.

Coloring Pages: B love Curious George and I found free printables from PBS with washable crayons. I also ordered a Planes Color Wonder Book and markers from Amazon that will only color on the special book and not on the seats or tray table.

Not Pictured: I got B a small Curious George stuffed animal.

**Gel Window Clings to decorate the window

**Colored Masking Tape or painters tape to decorate the window


Holiday Themed Baby Bath

Food coloring
Window clings- decorate mirror and tub!



Hide and Seek Easter Eggs under the bubbles



Secret Message Valentines


White paper hearts
White crayons
Water color paints

Write your valentine a message and have babies use water color over the message to reveal it! Make coupons: 1 free cookie, you choose dinner, valentine baby bath, anything!



Fort Friday


On Fridays when B wakes up, we build a fort first thing in the morning. It sets the tone for a wonderful day of rest where all snacking, reading, playing, and (some) napping takes place under the fort. Sometimes Joe will build us a fort on Thursday night so we can wake up and be surprised on which room, which materials our new fort is constructed.

Why Fort Fridays?… the real question is… Why not Fort Friday? 🙂


Cinco de Mayo Egg Maracas

Wondering what to do with all those extra plastic eggs?

10 lbs rice or 10 lbs pinto beans each are $4 at Walmart
Easter Eggs
Fun duct tape $4

Fill. Tape. Shake it!



Easter Egg Hunt Themed Bath


  •  Eggs
  • Bubbles to make it tricky
  • Add Easter grass or food coloring dye the bubbles





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