Play by Ingredients List

Name Ingredients   Sensory Type
Snow Shaving Cream Freeze or Ziploc Bag Squish
Snow Dough Shaving Cream + Corn Starch Moldable Dough
Goo Corn Starch + Water Liquid > Solid > Liquid
Conditioner Dough Corn Starch + Hair Conditioner or Lotion Moldable
Koolaid Dough Baking Soda + Koolaid Moldable
Funfetti Dough

Ice Cream Dough

Frosting + Powdered Sugar Moldable (Edible)
Bath Paint Baby Powder + Baby Shampoo Paint
Cake Sensory Cake Mix Soft Sensory (Edible)
Cake Dough Cake Mix + Baby Oil Cloud Dough
Potato Sensory Instant Potato Flaky Soft (Edible)
Hot Cocoa Sensory Hot Cocoa Packets Soft Scented Sensory (Edible)
Scented Rice Rice + Frosting Creations Scented Texture

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