Sensory Play

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What you will find:

Discovery Bottles & Ziploc Squish Sensory Bags

Both are perfect for young babies. I made ocean sensory bags when B was 4 months. We go to the Dollar Tree and hit up the seasonal section for tons of items for a-la-cheap! All of this was under $4… and we made discovery bottles, ziploc squish, and hide and seek instant potatoes.


$4….Foam sparkle hearts and glitter, clear red heart beads, pipe cleaners into twirls, and cut up a bow from gift section….lots of different play ideas!!!

Discovery Bottles…. small water bottles, add the items above, seal lid with hot glue. Done!

Check out… Growing a Jeweled Rose Rainbow Discovery Bottles Ideas

Ziploc Squish Sensory Bag… 2- 1gallon ziplocs (double protection), 1 bottle clear hair gel (save bottle and make another discovery bottle!), add items above, seal zipper with duct tape.

Check out… Growing a Jeweled Rose Sensory Bag Ideas


Ziploc Shaving Cream Squish Sensory Bags


Even the youngest babies can explore with your help. All you need is:

  • a ziploc
  • shaving cream
  • food coloring
  • duct tape to reinforce the seal.

Babies can squish the bags and distribute the colors. So easy, so fun, smells clean, lots of sensory fun! Older babies can stick there hands in the shaving cream’s soft texture before sealing the bag.


Candy Corn theme Goo

IMG_9081IMG_8498What you will need:

  • Corn Starch
  • Water
  • Vanilla extract (optional)
  • Tub, candy corn and pumpkins, cookie cutters, food coloring


  • Cornstarch to tub
  • *Slowly* add water to corn starch and stir until desired texture. It should be solid to the touch, but when picked up, turn into a liquid. Its awesome!
  • Add food coloring and vanilla for sensory sweet candy corn smell


Candy Corn Cloud Dough… made with cake mix, edible baby play



IMG_9062What you will need:

  • 2 boxes of white cake mix
  • 2 boxes of yellow cake mix
  • 4 cups of flour or 2 more boxes of cake mix
  • 1 cup of vegetable oil (1/3 goes with each color section)
  • For color… any of these options food coloring- frosting creations- crushed chalk
  • cookie cutters, shovels, large tub


  • White Candy Corn Section: 1/3 cup vegetable oil (or more for consistently) + 2 boxes of white cake mix
  • Yellow Candy Corn Section: 1/3 cup vegetable oil (or more for consistently) + 2 boxes of yellow cake mix + yellow food coloring
  • Orange Candy Corn Section: 1/3 cup vegetable oil (or more for consistently) + 4 cups of flour —OR— 2 boxes of white cake mix + orange food coloring

Notes: So soft, smells sweet, *edible* for babies to play, holds it shape when made into a ball, add more oil to hold shapes, store in air tight container


Cake Mix Edible Baby Sensory Play

So soft, smells yummy! Not a big deal if baby eats it!


$4… 2 cookie or cake mix with sprinkles, 2 cupcake dog toys, cupcake stuff!

Check out…Growing a Jeweled Rose Cake Mix Dough Ideas


Hide and Seek Instant Potato Sensory Play


$3….2 boxes of Instant Potato Flakes, Valentine Hearts for hiding and digging.

Perfect for young babies because it is edible! The soft and fluffy texture make digging in clean fun!

Another idea…

Alphabet Dig


This is just a different version of the potato flakes sensory bin. The material lends itself to tons of lesson ideas for older kids. Pick 5 letters, have your child dig with measuring cups and spoons to find the letter that you want to focus on. Since Brannon is only 1 here this is more focused on sensory play. We played with the soft, fluffy material and when he would show me a letter, I would define it. All you need is:

  • 2 boxes of potato flakes
  • bath time foam letters
  • measuring cups

Check out…. Growing a Jeweled Rose Potato Flakes

We can’t wait to try…. Potato Flake Finger Paint


Ocean Sensory Play

“The seaweed is always greener…” (cue the steel drums and Sebastian, because we are going Under the Sea!)


  • Spaghetti for “sea weed”
  • Green Food Coloring for noodles, Blue Food Coloring for bath color
  • Ocean Friends (toys)
  • Waves on the iTunes or ocean theme music with seagulls
  • Just add water and baby!

Watch this video I made! Brannon LOVED it!




I didn’t anticipate Kai wanting to get the tub with the baby! The smell of the noodles was too much for her!




Swimming Pool Ball Pit




Inflatable Baby Pool $14 from Target

100 Ball Pit Balls $15 from Target

Add muffin tin for 1v1 ratios


Cotton Candy and Pink Lemonade Scented Sensory Rice




  • 3-5lbs of white rice (walmart $5)
  • gallon ziplocs
  • Duncan Hines frosting creations
  • food coloring
  • a few tablespoons of water
  • cookie sheets for drying
  • 28 gallon tub for playing later


  • Add desired amount of rice, duncan hines packet, food coloring, tiny bit of water to a ziploc and shake it!
  • Pour out and let dry on a cookie sheet overnight or it might be dry at the end of a long nap! 🙂



Play! It smells AMAZING!!!!



As always, from my fav blog {via} Growing a Jeweled Rose

** Brannon is 15 months so we played together to make sure he would not eat the uncooked rice. He LOVED smelling it and mixing the colors together. Supervision is muy importante. 🙂


Christmas in July Goo and Cocoa Sensory Bin


Christmas Goo: goes from a liquid —-> solid —-> back to liquid!
*corn starch
*water until desired texture
*food coloring
*Christmas items: cookie cutters


Cocoa Sensory Bin:
*cocoa packets marshmallows add texture
*christmas items: tinsel, ribbons, ornaments, themed play items


Merry Christmas to all on this 100 degree day!

{via} Growing a Jeweled Rose




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