Take 5! Easy Tummy Time Play

Take 5! You will find ideas of how to incorporate sensory play into Tummy Time for babies or introduce toddlers to sensory play in a fun basket.

My favorite website that is from a CanDoKiddo.com a pediatric occupational therapist who has sensory play ideas broken into age groups! 0-4mo, 5-8mo, 9-12mo! It is awesome, check it out!

Mamas of Infants

Mamas of infants, you can try a lot more of these play ideas than you think!

Take 5! Grab 5 things for Tummy Time to introduce

  • textures,
  • colors,
  • temperature,
  • spices to your baby for the first time! How fun that you, get to be the one introduce brain connections!
  • Look around the room, every thing is new to them!
  • Soft, fluffy, rough, cool, warm, shiny, smooth, leather, bumpy.
  • Grab 5 things for tummy time and move it around in their hands, feet, down arms

Check out CanDoKiddo.com Food Sensory Play for babies!

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